Online React JS and JavaScript Mentorship

Be part of a personalized learning experience with the undivided attention of the mentor through Live online training. Learn skills at your phase with more focus on concepts you may not understand.

Premium Material

All training materials are quality checked and approved.

50% Faster

Our Readymade syllabus is created based on endless research which covers A-Z at the fastest time.

Build Projects from scratch

Assistance to build a unique project at the end of each course with source code.

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CSS Cascade, specificity, responsive page for different screen sizes, layouts, styling and much more.



Core JS concepts like DOM, events, closures, OOJS, sync/async, JS API calls, and much more.

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React + Redux

React Lifecycles, components, classes, Hooks, Props, State, etc. Redux Actions, reducer, Middleware and much more



HTML tags, semantics, input forms, adding media such as Image/Video and much more.

Our Mentorship Programs

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Projects You Will Build

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YouTube Clone

Create a JavaScript-based YouTube clone with functionalities to load video lists, search videos, and tag-based filters through official API. Also supports mobile screen sizes through CSS3 responsiveness.


SpaceX Demo App

Demo App that lists all the rocket launches with filter functionality based on details such as launch year, successful landing, etc. It is implemented using React JS and CSS3 for mobile responsiveness.


Social Media Web App

Custom social media app build using React and Redux which lists all the users with pagination functionality. Additionally provides a multipage registration form to add new users.

React JS JavaScript Coding

How It Works

Our mentorship programs allow you to master front-end development through online sessions.

  1. Live 1 on 1 session with your mentor through Zoom, Skype, etc.
  2. Interactive sessions where you can ask questions and doubts related to the topic.
  3. Write code and build real-world projects with React JS, JavaScript, etc.
  4. Get support and guidance to overcome any challenges you might face.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sessions will be completely online through live face-to-face sessions on skype, google meets, etc.

Yes, you definitely can. Most of the topics we cover are common interview questions and currently used in developer jobs. However, we cannot guarantee as getting hired depends on your dedication and personal strengths.

We hire only developers with considerable industry experience to ensure that their experts at what they are teaching.  Our mentors are more than qualified to train a beginner to intermediate levels.

Yes, you will get a 100% refund on canceled sessions.

The fees for the sessions are paid in advance through Stripe, Paypal and Google pay.

Each session is about one hour long. The timings are mutually agreed upon between you and your mentor.

Yes, as long as the session has not taken place.

No, Your contact information will only be used initially for scheduling the demo class and subsequently only when necessary. You will not receive any promotional/spam email from us even in the future.