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Online Sessions

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Track your progress and correct mistakes with guidance and support from the trainer.

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Build Projects

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Our Teaching Method

Learning React JS is not easy, so we give 50:50 emphasis for the understanding of the concept and its practical implementation.

  1. Your trainer will explain about the React JS concept in a summarised format.
  2. Demonstrate the concept with coding implementation.
  3. At the end session, you will solve exercises and build mini-projects related to the concept.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

The tutors at ContactMentor Team helped me clear my small doubts, and boosted both my morale and confidence with React JS Programming.
giriwar testimonial
Giriwar Kishore
Mumbai, India
From being an absolute beginner, I am now able to create beautiful front-end applications. All thanks to the supportive team at ContactMentor.
akshita testimonial
Akshita Bhasker
Delhi, India

Our Syllabus

What is a static page? static vs single page application, advantage and disadvantages, Demonstration React app vs static web page
What is React JS?  React JS vs Angular JS, Setting up React JS project and displaying “hello world” text, default files and directory in React app.
Virtual dom in React JS, Demonstration of Virtual dom vs JS DOM, One-way binding
How JSX is used in React codebase, Syntax to combine JS and HTML, Advantages of JSX
Class-based component, React Functional component, rules of hooks with example
Creating a React component, Exercises to design components for pages, Reusing components
Declaring React states, State vs Variable, data binding, Passing data between parent and child component using props
Requirements to build button click counter,  code review with solution
Render JSX code by if…else condition, switch. Hide items by boolean value ie, { state&& <div></div> }
Generating JSX for every element of the list, adding keys to each item, Advantage of keys in React JS
Requirements to build todo list, code review with solution
Mount, render and unmount states in components, Life cycles for the React Class-based components, useEffect() in React Hooks.
Installing “react-dom” package, add routes to every component, display component based on the current route
Installing “axios” package, receiving data from external API, posting data to API.
Declare states to control React JS forms, functions to handle change in input value, validate data on submit.
Application Context API, defining context object, accessing context values from child component.
Definition and advantages of useMemo() and useCallback().
What is Redux and why is it needed? Implementing Redux in React JS project.
Understanding Action, Store, and Reducers. Initializing and updating Redux store
Configuring Middleware and using middleware to make API calls inside reducer.
Requirements to social media app, code review with solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning React JS is a JavaScript library, hence requires you to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you don’t knowledge of any of the concepts, you can consider JavaScript training and coaching.
We accept payments through Stripe, Google pay, and Paypal, thus supporting multiple currencies.
You will receive a full refund for all the sessions that have not taken place.
There is no minimum, you can book sessions based on convenience. However, the sessions need to be paid before commencement.
Our trainers will provide full support and guidance to debug any issue you might face while learning React JS.
Yes, your React JS skills are a great asset and will increase the odds of getting a front-end developer job.