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What You'll Learn

The webpage of a website/app is divided into three components of creating a webpage, designing the elements, and adding functionality to the page.

  1. HTML: Create a structure for the webpage with all the required elements.
  2. CSS: Add styles to all the elements of HTML page for improving design and usability.
  3. JavaScript: Implement functionality to handle user interactions and retrieve the data from Rest API.

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Our Syllabus​

What is HTML? HTML page structure, HTML element and Tags, <p>, <br> HTML attributes, HTML headings
HTML Classes and Id,  HTML list and tables, HTML form tag, HTML inputs , HTML 5, Sematics, HTML Audio and Video
Requirements for creating a webpage,  code review with solution
Including CSS in HTML file, Types of selectors, CSS values and units, CSS box model, Cascade, and inheritance
Z-index, CSS overflow
Display property, Flexbox, and Grid, Float, CSS positioning
Requirements for creating a responsive page,  code review with solution
What is JavaScript? How to add JavaScript to HTML file, javascript execution context, setTimeout, and setInterval, asynchronous vs synchronous
Type of Declarations, JavaScript Data types, Assignment, comparison, logical operators, etc. JavaScript function
if…else statement, switch, for, for…in and for…of loops, while and do-while loop, break and continue.
Declaring objects, Accessing property and values, Object methods, Proxy, destructuring
This context in JavaScript, What is a higher-order function?, call(), bind() and apply(), Array filter, map, reduce, etc.
What is DOM? JavaScript DOM selectors, DOM manipulation.
What is a scope? Lexical and block scopes, What is Closure in JavaScript with an example.
Types of events, Adding events to HTML elements, Event delegation, Event bubbling, and capturing
JavaScript and OOPS, OOPS without classes, Prototypes in JavaScript,  ES6 classes
Promises, async-await, Symbol, Generator and iterators,
Callback function, fetch()
document.forms, Validating form using regex, event.preventDefault()
Requirements for YouTube Clone,  code review with solution

Frequently Asked Questions​

You don’t need to know anything or have any degree. If you are a beginner, the training starts with HTML and CSS  before JavaScript.
Yes, you can get a job as a front-end/JavaScript developer through our training.
No, any topic which you might find repetitive can be skipped.
It is always advisable to start HTML and CSS before JavaScript, hence our online training syllabus begins with HTML and CSS fundamentals before proceeding to JavaScript.
Online courses and other study material do not teach how to debug issues. In this live training, you will learn to write code on your own, and get support/guidance through your trainer when you are stuck.
We accept payments through Stripe, Google pay, and Paypal that supports multiple currencies.